In the era of technological development, ETOS decided to meet the expectations of its customers. As a result, we have launched a modern production plant that meets stringent environmental and production standards.

Our main idea was to work with, broadly understood, feed industry, which is why the plant was equipped with devices allowing the production of products for various purposes. Starting from mixtures of concentrated liquid and carrier acids, to feed mixtures and detoxicants used in feeding farm animals.

A large group of our customers appreciate the wide range of packaging our company has at its disposal. Currently, we pack liquid products in packaging from 1 litre to tankers and loose products from 1 kg to Big Bag packaging.

The entire production process is strictly controlled by weighing scales and production scanners. Production control is carried out using Etomix software - our own program, undergoing constant modernization in connection with the continuous development of production technology.

All our activities are aimed at the production of products whose superior feature is high quality and safety. This is evidenced by our GMP + and VLOG certification (products without GMO). We are proud that our plant has become the showcase of our region and country. In a short period of time, its production capacity has been fulfilled.

Our satisfaction is the key to us, which results mainly from satisfying expectations regarding the unquestioned quality and safety of our products.Therefore ETOS is constantly striving for further expansion in the segments of its operations, both production and all others.

Thank you for trust and cooperation!