The ETOS Company has been working in the feedstuff market since 2003. Its founder and the person who manages it is its owner Czesław Szymendera, and the company staff forms a competent and open to new challenges team.

We have gained long-standing experience in the sector of production, co-packing and distribution of the feed products, as well as specialist and innovative products from the group of feed additives and mixtures. This enabled us to rich a key position in the domestic and foreign markets – of Austria, Bulgaria, Belorussia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Hungary.

We systematically improve our production and distribution processes – through modernisation of the technological stages based on the latest scientific achievements and, most of all, high care about quality, standardisation, safety and effectiveness. We pay a lot of attention to every need and desire of our Partners, treating this issue as one of the elements of our policy of development, improvement and modernisation of our company and its products. We are one of these businesses in the sector of feedstuff production whose aim is to adapt our commercial, consultancy and cooperative offers in order to achieve full satisfaction of our consumers. That is why our motto is ETOS:

Cooperation inspire Us

Implementing the above mentioned rules and procedures, we successfully expand our activity, introducing to the markets specialist and technologically advanced feed additives and mixtures. We set development and formulating directions in the field of encapsulated products, organic acids and aromatic substances which are are using at most feeds for food production animals. The leading position that we have achieved in the field of specialist products production used in farm animals nutrition, entitles us to state that ETOS is:

Innovation and safty nutrition