Quality Policy

We are fully aware that the future of ETOS depends on skilful satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients. Recognizing the above as the priority, we have adopted the principles and procedures referred to as Quality Policy being a declaration of the Integrated Quality Management System (including the GMP + (FSA), VLOG and PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02 systems). It guarantees the delivery of the highest quality products and services to the common market. The main principle of our Quality Policy is to be always guided by the good and the safety of the customer, the partnership with the contractors and the observance of human rights and broadly understood social values.

The high quality of manufactured products, i.e. feed additives, compound feed, feed materials, premixes and consultancy services in the field of animal nutrition and feed production, as well as laboratory analytics services are achieved through the reliable implementation of the following rules:

  • Introducing and developing a quality system based on the requirements of GMP +, VLOG and PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02, starting from the management level of the company in all departments and organizational units through the awareness and responsibility of employees of all levels and collaborators, as well as by taking into account environmental impact
  • Precise recognition of customer needs and expectations
  • Maintaining a partnership, an individual approach, and transparent cooperation to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Research on new technologies in the production and application of feed additives, compound feeds, premixtures to provide customers with innovative solutions
  • Full compliance with the rules and procedures for the quality management and product control systems adopted in all defined processes, such as procurement, processing and production, distribution, and consulting
  • Systematic control activities in the internal and external areas of the Company
  • Strict documentation and guarantee of high quality requirements
  • Thorough compliance with certain contract terms
  • Deliver safing products in the food chain
  • Introduction and compliance of products with industry and global standards and legislative requirements
  • Caring for compliance Quality Policy and Management processes with the direction and goals of the Company's development and its market activity
  • Realizing and adhering to the principles defined for Ethics and Good Business Practices

The aim of our company is to strive and systematically maintain continuous improvement of products, processes (including supervision the area of identification, GMO labeling) and services such as specialized laboratory analyzes. That is why from our partners and suppliers we require a certified GMP + system or equivalent and recognized systems for monitoring the quality and safety of feed and legally-mandated and reliable statements, evidence for the identification and labeling of products containing GMO. In terms of the implementation of the quality policy for the laboratory area, we require from the partners to implement and completion the standards for PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02.

Ethical Policy and Good Business Conduct

ETOS Czesław Szymendera located in Poznan, Golina and Mszczonów, applies and maintains the accepted and defined principles of honesty and reliability in all processes, respecting the highest ethical standards in a transparent and responsible manner. The company is committed to protecting the environment and its resources and is working to ensure the health, well-being and safety of employees. All activities are conducted in accordance with and respect the applicable laws. Deployed and maintained Ethics and Business Policy is a tool and a set of rules for the development of the Company. With this in mind, the Company's aim is to:

  • Systematic creation, maintenance and development of a positive and recognized image
  • Carry out areas of activity through the implementation of sustainable and socially responsible processes, and in particular keeping all guidelines for codes of conduct
  • Responsible, conscious and balanced behavior and maintenance of relationships with employees, associates, clients and contractors
  • Providie and improve jobs with the highest level of safety, eliminating health danger and discomfort factors
  • Permanent commitment of the Company to the conservation of resources and the quality of the environment, so that its values ​​will serve all presently and in the future
  • Implement the adopted rules and standards and guidelines for anti-corruption and unfair business practices
  • Market development and fair, sustainable supply, demand, competition technology

The above defined development goals of the Company are conducted and observed by:

Company image

  • Implementing a transparent system for maintaining market relationships and identifying and managing a reporting scheme for nonconformities, complaints, and remarks Proper registration and identification of activities, processes and events to confirm compliance with applicable manufacturing, supply and service requirements
  • Financial transparency, accuracy and reliability in accounting, bookkeeping and records
  • Ensuring anonymity when is required ass well as confidentiality of classified information

Social norms and human rights

  • Compliance with the accepted standards, legal requirements with reference to working time, records and due benefits, and appropriate and mutually acceptable remuneration
  • Optimizing and adapting workplace ergonomics;
  • Implementing the Company's processes and activities based solely on the work of legally employed employees
  • No discrimination on grounds of origin, race, sex, religion, age or any other factor
  • Do not employ minors
  • Full and secure personal data protection

Safety, hygiene and ergonomics

  • Constant monitoring and improvement of health and safety at work
  • Optimizing and adapting workplace ergonomics
  • Analysis of risk factors, minimizing the risk of accidents, events that may lead to accidents, injury to health or occupational diseases
  • Prevention of threats in the area of ​​occupational safety and health
  • Free access to drinking water, sanitary and social facilities during occupational activities
  • Providing the highest quality personal protective equipment for each employee in relation to the position
  • Providing full and unrestricted access to first aid equipment, providing fire monitoring and firefighting systems, controlling other hazards and appropriate escape routes
  • Conduct regular employee training in the context of risk analysis of workplace hazards, emergency management, first aid, basic firefighting equipment, and safety and assistance equipment in case of physicochemical hazards
  • Improving the skills of employees and their knowledge of their own health in the workplace

Natural environment preservation

  • Eliminate the risk of environmental pollution to a minimum or, if possible, through a series of monitoring and analytical measures leading to potential risk prediction
  • Systematic training and making employees aware of in environmental activities and knowledge
  • Constant and close coordinated efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated in the area of ​​activity
  • Choosing and implementing technologies, processes with the lowest possible negative impact on the environment
  • Consequently, the preference for high technology and activities with a positive impact on the environment
  • Aim to minimize the consumption of media, raw materials and other means of production;  Improvement in technology and performance optimization
  • Efficient and transparent consumption of energy
  • High attention to rational and minimal consumption of water and other environmental components such as air
  • ongoing updating of all regulatory requirements and standards, submission to review and control processes, full and transparent reporting on waste management, media and environmental impact

Reacturing against dishonest business practices and corruption

  • The absolute ban on promising any personal or property benefit in return for accelerating or favorably solving any decision, conduct, business case
  • The absolute ban on accepting personal or property benefits, and taking action leading to potential violations of applicable anti-corruption laws and unfair practices

Ethics and good business policy are mandatory for all employees and persons / entities acting for or on behalf of the Company, regardless of their place of work and positions of employment.

Being aware that the violation of any of the policies defined in the above policy is subject to severe penalties, including the possibility of instituting disciplinary action, shall be exempt from work and duties and shall refer the matter to the appropriate authorities and administrative bodies of the State, Local Government or Industry Organisations. The above is also required and controlled by our Partners, Partners and co-workers, with the same requirements and interpretations.

Quality Policy - Analytical Laboratory

Established knowledge in the ETOS Czesław Szymendera company regarding the priority of issues such as protection of animal health and proper health quality of products of animal origin as well as chemical and physical quality, health of feed constitute the whole of interdependent factors important for the protection of human health - the consumer. Objective, high-quality laboratory fodder tests constitute an important link in protecting the population of food contaminants, and are an important instrument for validating the physical and chemical quality of feed products and technological processes used in their production.

The laboratory policy at ETOS Czesław Szymendera is the implementation of laboratory tests and supervision in the field of analysis of physico-chemical characteristics / parameters of fodder, feed and other biological material, and participation in available instrumental techniques in the development and development of new solutions for animal nutrition - as animal feeding stuffs.

The above areas of research are carried out taking into account legal and normative requirements that meet expectations and the needs of clients, which allows us to achieve success, increase the position and credibility of the Laboratory and at the same time give satisfaction and guarantee constant development.

We want to achieve our goals by maintaining an effective Integrated Quality Management System that will ensure:

  • Professional conduct of laboratory tests
    • complying with the requirements of PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02
    • meeting the customers' needs
    • guaranteeing full satisfaction of the clients
  • Applying good professional practice for analytical proceedings
  • Implementation of a high level of services provided
  • Protection of confidential information and property rights of clients and their personal data.

We undertake to:

  • Providing all available and necessary resources for implementation and continuous improvement the effectiveness of the management system
  • Compliance of the quality policy and management system with the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02 standard
  • Independence of personnel from internal pressures in the area of ​​the Company, external ones that could affect the impartiality, independence and quality of the tests

To achieve the objectives of the Laboratory, we will use the following activities and measures:

  • Maintain and constantly improve the conditions for conducting research in the area of ​​rational maintenance of laboratory environmental standards and equipping the Laboratory into modern research equipment
  • Use appropriate measuring equipment for testing as well as implement and implement purchases, corresponding to the scope of performed tests and ensuring the use, implementation of the calibration system, checking and maintenance according to the rules described in the management system documentation, including those conducted within the scope of the accredited scope
  • Improve work organization
  • Maintain technical competence in the scope of the declared scope of research
  • Employ staff with the required, necessary qualifications
  • Train the laboratory staff in a continuous and planned way
  • Assess and improve the effectiveness of the management system during management reviews
  • Keep the management system documentation updated


Laboratory management declaration

The quality policy is implemented with the participation of the entire company management, the laboratory manager and the fully engaged, highly qualified and experienced staff of the Laboratory. The management system introduced at ETOS by Czesław Szymender covers the whole team that has committed to applying its principles. The Laboratory staff has the appropriate preparation, familiarized with the management system documentation and has access to it, understands the importance of analytical processes for responsibility in the quality of products produced in the Etos company area, commercial products, meeting customer requirements, as well as legal requirements and applies in practice binding documents of this system.

We ensure that the Laboratory staff are aware of the essence and validity of their activities and how they contribute to achieving the goals of the management system.

We declare:

  • Applying modern and reliable test methods
  • Participation in inter-laboratory comparisons
  • Cooperation with institutions with the highest competences
  • Ongoing documentation and evaluation of the policy and management system
  • Complying with the principles set out in the Quality Manual and Management System Procedures defined for the Laboratory area
  • Performing tests in a way that guarantees meeting the requirements of the standard   PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02, meeting the normative requirements, including requirements of the Polish Center Accreditation and customer requirements
  • We declare that a way of managing the scope of accreditation has been established, taking into account the development plan for accredited areas over time
  • Maintaining the integrity of the management system both during planning and and implementing changes
  • Taking only actions that guarantee trust in our independence, impartiality, competence or reliability
  • protection of personal data in accordance with applicable regulations in this area
  • Preservation of property rights and confidentiality in relation to all research information, at all stages of its implementation, including the submission of a test report
  • Complying with the principles of good professional practice and ensuring adequate quality of research
  • Constant striving to improve the qualifications of the staff
  • Consideration of any complaints received from customers and other parties

Our principle is not to comply with the adopted quality policy and procedures. In exceptional cases, exemptions are allowed which must be documented and approved by authorized persons.

Responsible for supervision the implementation of the quality policy at ETOS Czesław Szymendera is the Quality Management Proxy, and in the Laboratory area is the Laboratory Manager, who obliges each laboratory employee to comply with the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02 standard and to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system.